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Robo Recall is designed for PCs first person shooter, in which we need to clean up the city from rebellious robots. The title is from the ground up designed for virtual reality and motion controllers.

Robo Recall is released on the PC Windows platform action game with a view FPP maintained in climates science fiction. The project developed by Epic Games exclusively designed for virtual reality technology and traffic controllers.

The game is set in the near future, when the consumer came into robots operated by independent modules of artificial intelligence. From time to time, however, it comes to failure and robotic helpers begin to behave aggressively towards humans. Then manufacturers send a specialist to eliminate the robots – it is in him, we come to embody.

 Robo Recall PC [2017] download + crack

Issued on PC platform Windows Robo Recall is a dynamic first person shooter, primarily focused on the joyful mayhem and fight for bragging point. During the game the player travels between different locations in the region of one city, and each of them is full of mechanical enemies. Exploration was carried out using a system allowing free teleport in sight.

The heart of the game is enhanced combat system. Body robots dynamically react to hits and interact with the environment, and the player can make use of the many spectacular maneuvers, such as throwing opponents or catching bullets in the air.

As you progress in the game and gain a better arsenal and parts allowing its modification. Interestingly, many of the components is obtained, tearing apart robots. Constructing and testing of weapons held in the database, where we go between missions.

Robo Recall PC [2017] download + crack Robo Recall PC [2017] download + crack Robo Recall PC [2017] download + crack

It is worth mentioning that the game is built on the basis of the experience gained with the prototype named Bullet Train, which was presented during the conference Oculus Connect organized in 2015. Compared with the original, Robo Recall offers many improvements, prettier graphics and a much more extensive content.

Requirements Robo Recall

Minimum: Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 4 GB graphics card GeForce GTX 970 or better, 8.99 GB HDD, Windows 7 (SP1)


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