P.A.M.E.L.A. 2017 [PC]

Pamela is released on PCs first-person survival horror maintained sci-fi. The player’s task is to survive in a futuristic complex of entertainment and shopping, which the workers are infected with a changing them into monsters.

Pamela is PCs action adventure survival horror. This is the debut production of Canadian studies NVYVE.

The game is set in the distant future on a small island, almost entirely occupied by a powerful entertainment center known as Eden. In this place we can find both large supermarkets and nightclubs, will not meet for normal people. It turns out that we are the only survivor of all the inhabitants of the island who have been infected by a mysterious disease. As a result of its actions lost their humanity, and their bodies have become monstrous shapes. Our only ally is the title of Pamela, or artificial intelligence, managing the infrastructure of Eden.

While playing priority is survival, so the player must carefully explore the island in search of food, water and useful items. It is also necessary to take care of the right amount of sleep, which can be problematic if we do not find a safe haven. Created by the authors vision of the future is devoid of wars and violent crime, because in the game you will not find the classic weapons. Instead, we use the device pacifying belonging to the security forces, as well as inventing new uses for a variety of seemingly safe tools that used the staff of Eden.

It presents an interesting interface, as it has been fully realized as part of the virtual world. The player character has a useful equipment in the form of bands assumed forearm, which can display holograms with screens inventory system crafts and other useful features. With this equipment integrates all the tools we use.

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