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Another preview of one of the most popular series of arcade shooters. We participate in many different types of races, including one-on-one duels, testing over 100 licensed cars.

Need for Speed: Carbon is another part of one of the most famous arcade races. This product in many respects resembles its predecessors. References to Need for Speed: Most Wanted are primarily seen through the active participation of law enforcement officers who should be avoided at all costs. With two games in the Need for Speed series: Underground, the extensive tuning options for individual machines have been added. Need for Speed: Carbon also has, of course, to offer many completely new features, such as playing canyon races or the ability to lead your own team. The game was created for all major hardware platforms.
Of course, the key point of the program is, of course, extended career mode. Interestingly, we play the same character we ran in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The main character returns to Palmont’s hometown. After arriving at the place, it turns out that full control over the organization of illegal street races took over hostile gangs. The player’s task will obviously be to win the competition and at the same time bounce off the next sectors of the city. Like Need for Speed: Wanted, progress is portrayed through interstitial scenes with real actors.
Manufactured by the surrounding area is even bigger than before. Of course, the player can freely move around the city. Taking control of a given sector is most likely only when the enemy team is defeated. To be able to do this, the player must create and then lead his own team. The team can consist of drivers, engineers and mechanics. Personnel employed by the player are characterized by specific skills. Most of the action is already taking place in the course of the race. A player may, for example, ask his teammates to block a selected opponent. Defeating all enemies occupying a given city sector unlocks the possibility of joining the main race, where one of the leading players appears. These races are played in the canyons. The competition itself was organized in a rather unusual way. The first race requires following the opponent’s car. Depending on the distance between the two cars, points are collected. The second race involves the need to maintain a solid lead over the rivals. It will try to receive the points allocated at the start.

The authors of this game have prepared about 60 different vehicles. Machines are divided into three different classes – exotic, muscle and tuner. Differences between classes are quite significant. For example, muscle cars should take part in races organized on straight sections of the road. Class-class cars can be useful in winding and demanding routes. Of course, the player may subject the previously purchased vehicles to additional modifications (visual and mechanical). The Autosculpt module, developed by the manufacturers, makes it possible to personalize some body parts of the vehicle. NFS: Carbon offers a very wide range of racing types, including drifting, which was lacking in Most Wanted.
Differences between different versions of NFS: Carbon mainly relies on graphics quality. In addition, editions for the Wii and PlayStation 3 consoles provide full use of the gyroscopic controller functions. The sound layer consists mainly of the sound of individual machine motors. Famous actors such as Emmanuelle Vaugier and Shaw Madson appear in the interstate scene.

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Recommended: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 64MB graphics card (GeForce 4 or better), 5.3 GB HDD, Windows 2000 / XP


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